Drexel university's senior thesis is a nine-month, self-directed project of the student's choosing. a public exhibition was held at the Pearlstein Gallery | URBN Annex, 3401 Filbert Street, Philadelphia, PA. on June 3rd, 2016. Here the graduating student's projects were displayed and the gallery was attended by industry professionals.  

taking notice that many photo series over the century were based around the less fortunate,  jane decided to drive her thesis in a different direction, which focused on the elite lifestyle. through family and friend connections, she was able to enter this world and document this lifestyle of these elite individuals in their homes, opening a rarely seen world to her viewers. 

She desired even more of a challenge and chose to photograph her interior portraits in color film with the shen hao 4x5, large format camera. through the 9 months, she grew knowledge in exterior lighting, light metering, color film development, negative scanning and resizing, print profiles, advanced color correction,, and printing large scale. 

Jane has been inspired by the works of Tina Barney, Daniela Rossell, and jim goldberg.


Drexel University Westphal College of media arts and design : Photography Program